Tantric Revisionings: New Understandings of Tibetan Buddhism and Indian Religion

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Title:Tantric Revisionings: New Understandings of Tibetan Buddhism and Indian Religion


Author:Geoffrey Samuel

Publisher:Motilal Banarsidass Publishers

Publish Year:2005

Edition:First Edition

Cover:Hard Back

Subject:Tibetan Buddhism




Size:147 224 mm


Price:USD 9.32

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  • Tantric Revisionings presents stimulating new perspectives on Hindu and Buddhist religion, particularly their Tantric versions, in India, Tibet or in modern Western societies. Geoffrey Samule adopts an historically and textually informed anthropological approach, seeking to locate and understand religion in its social and cultural context. The question of the relation between 'popular' (folk, domestic, village, monastic) religion and elite (Literary, textual, monastic) religion forms a recurring theme through these studies.

    Geoffrey Samuel

    Geoffrey Samuel is a specialist in the anthropology of Buddhist societies, particularly those of the Tibet and the Himalayas. He has also researched and published on anthropological theory, medical anthropology, ethnomusicology, and new rigious movements in Western societies. He has worked at the university of Newcastle, Australia where he is currently Professor of Anthropology, since 1978, with the exception of three years as Professor of Religious Studies at Lancaster University.
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