Everest And Oyu

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Title:Everest And Oyu


Author:Miroslav Caban

Barbora Hammond

Publisher:Himalayan Map House

Publish Year:2005

Edition:First Edition

Cover:Hard Back



Photographer:Miroslav Caban, Miloslav Palacky


Size:150 x 227 x 20 mm


Price:USD 12.50

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  • To all lovers of nature, adventure, and adrenaline sports!
    You hold in your hand a book that was written because of my desire to share with others the kind of experiences that every mountain climber dreams of. This book is addressed not only to mountain climbers, but to all who would imagine themselves in our shoes, struggling over the ice, snow, and rocks. For some of you, my story can light the way forward on your own path to the endless circle of the great mountains.
    Understand, however, that there’s no going back. Once you’ve gotten the urge, you’ll soon find that hardly a day goes by when you won’t find yourself, for a little while, in your mind’s eye, somewhere far away. Your soul has gone wandering again, back to the thing it loves, a love that is boundless.
    My aim has been to describe the preparations, everyday concerns, and difficulties of the entire journey in as much detail as possible. You’ll go back day by day with me on our expedition, planning it and living it as we did. I wish you a pleasant time, re-living alongside us those sixty-five days of audacity in the face of nature, which in the end tolerated my presumption, and permitted me to climb to the top of the Goddess Mother of the Earth:

    Miroslav Caban

    Miroslav Caban (April 4, 1964, Brezno, Czechoslovakia) is a Slovak mountaineer and photographer currently living in the Czech Republic. Climbed the seven peaks of the seven continents. In 2002, climbed the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest without oxygen and 6 days after arrival to the base camp. He spent his youth in Liptov in Banska Bystrica. After completing his military service, he moved to Moravia, where he and his family today. He is married and has two children. In 2001 he undertook an expedition to the most difficult mountain in the world K2, which climbed to a height of 8000 meters. The biggest success was the ascent without oxygen on Mount Everest in 2002. In 2004, climbed Kilimanjaro, Elbrus, Mount McKinley and Vinson Massif, in 2005, Puncak Jaya, Mount Kosciuszko and Aconcagua . The first Czechoslovak and second in the world and climbed without oxygen seven highest peaks in the project Seven Summits. His hobbies include photography, especially panoramas countries visited and top prospects. He wrote a book Oyu
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