Touch Nature Lemongrass Soap (80 gms.)

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Title:Touch Nature Lemongrass Soap (80 gms.)

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Size:75 x 60 mm


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  • Lemongrass Face and Body Soap
    Lemongrass soap is beneficial for greasy skin, excessive perspiration and as a skin toner and natural antiseptic. All soaps are handcrafted handmade using the slow cold process method with natural ingredients and (100% pure natural) essential oil. Use cold process method, this means no external heat is used so the benefits and the goodness of the natural ingredients are always preserved there for you. Soaps are free from chemical colors, animal fat, and SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate). Use vegetable oil (sunflower oil) as a base oil and coconut oil for fluffy lather.  Natural soap will gently clean and moisturize your skin without any harm from chemicals and harsh ingredients. These ingredients are carefully chosen for skin benefits. 

    Moisturizing, cleansing, & soothing just to name a few. Natural Organic Soaps are Handmade Olive Oil based with all natural organic ingredients and are created in a small batches using natural essential oil. Organic Soaps are crafted using organic herbs and no colors have been added.

    Olive oil, Sunflower oil, Castor oil, Soya Bean oil, Coca Butter, Coconut Oil, Turmeric and Lemongrass Essential oil. 


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