The New Atlas and Commercial Gazetteer of China: A Work Devoted to its Geography and Resources and Economic and Commercial Development

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Title:The New Atlas and Commercial Gazetteer of China: A Work Devoted to its Geography and Resources and Economic and Commercial Development


Author:Edwin John Dingle

Publisher:North China Daily News and Herald, Ltd.

Publish Year:1917

Edition:Second Edition

Cover:Leather Bound





Size:400 x 655 mm


Price:USD 12,000.00

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  • This is a most exhaustive and comprehensive reference work & source book for products, railroads, geology, minerals, hydrography, climate, flora, fauna, ports, & all provinces. With a provincial map for each province, complete outline of provincial boundaries, topograhical areas, principal centres of commerce, agriculture, charts of these products with copious statistics, minerals. The text is generously endowed with Chinese characters. With introductory and expository texts on each province. Special attention to Hong Kong, Peking, Shanghai, Canton, Tibet, Manchuria, Mongolia, Sinki- ang and all provinces. The superb index is a gazatteer of Chinese place names in Chinese, English, name of province, its geographical position. With lavish essays on forest conditions in China by regions, valuable list of changed place-names by province, summary of values of lattitude & longitude. Notes to the productions map & index; shows products & productions. Kaiping coalfild maps. The commercial section lists China's treaty ports, historical trade background, China's return of trade revenue, import & export statistics, gold, silver, copious trade statistics & charts. Opium aspects of China's opium trade, silk, shipping returns, tea trade, export of coins, net values of China's trade, foreign goods, port trade &c. Large folding color map of Manchurian railways. Appendixes: China's treaties with other countries &c. Public companies list, Chinese & English weights & measures, cotton cultivation in China, values of the Haikwan tael, commercial terms in common use, corporate regula- tions, &c. List of leading firms in China. Much also on Taiwan [Formosa]. By and large, the most comprehensive & valuable single resource on China. "In view of the importance of China as one of the world's greatest markets, this work should prove extremely useful to every British manufacturer and merchant interested in the China trade. The arrangement enables the maximum amount of informationto be gained from its pages in the minimum space of time. The whole work constitutes a handsome record of industrial China, for the compilation of which the author deserves the highest praise."--The Times, 1937.

    Edwin John Dingle

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