Astrology for Beginners

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Title:Astrology for Beginners


Author:R Natarajan

Publisher:Pilgrims Publishing

Publish Year:2016

Edition:First Edition

Cover:Paper Back



Remarks:Tabes, Appendix and References.


Size:153 x 241 mm


Price:USD 13.00

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  • It has been long felt that a simple book on Astrology is a must, especially for learners. Further the ancient texts like Brihat Jataka by Varahamihira, Phala Deepika by Mantreswara, Brihat Hora Sastra by Maharishi Parasara, Nadi Grandhas by various sages written on paln leaves are not easily available for them as they are old texts and most of them are out of print and the palm leaves are scattered. This prompted the author of this book to bring out this book. While writing this book, the author has followed in many places the translation of the first two books by Sri V Subrahmanya Sastry and the third one by Sri R Santhanam and a book Nadi System of Astrology by "Meena". The Book deals with the Zodiac, ownership of the Rasis by the planets, asterisms or stars in each Rasi properties of the planets and as karakas or significance of various aspects, significance of each House or Bhava, the effects of different planets by itself as well as Lords of different Rasis and Bhavas in different Rasis and Bhavas have been clearly brought out.

    R Natarajan

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