Nagarjuna: The Second Buddha (Great Indian Buddhist Masters)

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Title:Nagarjuna: The Second Buddha (Great Indian Buddhist Masters)


Author:Mohini Kent

Publisher:Wisdom Tree

Publish Year:2016

Edition:First Edition

Cover:Hard Back



Remarks:Colour Illustrations and Acknowledgments.


Size:210 x 210 mm


Price:USD 14.82

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  • The visionary Buddhist teacher Nagarjuna was head of Nalanda University in the second century. His most famous work, Mulamadhyamakakarika or the Middle Way, is the path in-between extremes. His Ratnamala is a guide to ethical conduct leading to personal happiness. He greatly added to the understanding of the Buddha’s fundamental teachings of emptiness and impermanence, earning him the sobriquet of The Second Buddha. 

    Colourful fables surround his life and death. He is said to have recovered the Prajnaparamita (Perfection of Wisdom) Sutra from the Naga (cobra) King. They say his mastery over magic, meditation and alchemy was such that he was invited to teach them in their underwater kingdom in exchange for the sutras. 

    This distinctive book with rare artworks, brings together the distilled essence of Nagarjuna’s timeless wisdom as also captures the legends associated with his life.


    Mohini Kent

    Mohini Kent (Lady Noon) was born in India and arrived in the UK at the age of twenty-one. After studying psychology, graphic design and film production, she became an author, journalist, film-maker and charity worker. She has written for India Today, The Times of India, The Tablet and BBC Radio; her directorial roles include The Ramayana and Curry Tiffin, with Ben Kingsley. She lives in London.
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