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Author:Pranita Chettri

Publisher:Educational Publishing House

Publish Year:2017

Edition:First Edition

Cover:Paper Back

Subject:Children Books | Nepali Children Books


Remarks:Colour Illustrations and Acknowledgements.


Size:280 x 215 mm


Price:USD 4.12

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  • This is the heart-warming story of pawankali, an elephant who was captured at a young age. Growing up in the zoo, she longs for her family and her life in the wilderness. It is also a story about a friendship between Pawankali, Ramu the zoo keeper and his daughter Kumari, a friendship that will change their lives forever. 

    यो सानो उमेरमा कब्जा गरिएकी हात्ती पवनकलीको मनछुने कथा हो | चिडियाघरमा हुर्के पनि उनको मन आफ्नो परिवार र जंगलमा बिताएको स्वतन्त्र जीवन जिउने चाहना छ | यो उनको चिडियाघर हेरचाह गर्ने रामु र उसकी छोरी कुमारीसंगको मित्रताको कथा हो | यस मित्रताले तिनीहरुको जीवन सदाका लागि परिवर्तन गरिदिन्छ |

    Pranita Chettri

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