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Nepalese Ethnic Costumes and Ornaments

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Title:Nepalese Ethnic Costumes and Ornaments


Author:Dr. Poonam Rajya Laxmi Rana

Editor:Dr. Prakriti Shumser JBR Rana
Mrs. Shivani Rana Timilshina

Publisher:Mrs. Pratima Pande

Publish Year:2017

Edition:First Edition

Cover:Paper Back

Subject:Nepal Anthropology | Nepal Culture and Custom


Remarks:Colour and B&W Photographs and Maps.


Size:250 x 178 mm


Price:USD 10.20

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  • This book “NEPALESE ETHNIC COSTUMES & ORNAMENTS” is the continuation of the authors PhD thesis “Analytical study of costumes & Ornaments in Nepalese art from 3rd century B.C to 12th century A.D.” Her PhD was completed in the year 2014. Since the data collected included up to the 20th century, hence this book emerged. It took 7 tedious years of research work.

    The book is divided into:

    • Himalayan region (Alpine Region) home place of the Sherpas, Dolpa people, Larke and Siar people of Manang Bas Lopas of Lo pass of Mustang, Olangchung  people etc.                                                                 
    • Hilly region (Temperate Region) is the home place of Brahmin, Chhetri, Kirant, Newar, Tamang, Magar, Gurung and Thakalis 
    • Terai Region (SubTropical Region) Homeplace of the Tharus, Rajbansis, Satars, Danwars, Brahmins and Rajputs and Musalman or the Muslims.

    Chapter 1 The Hill people mentions about the background of different people residing in this region, it also mentions of the different costumes such ‘Tin Taha Cholo, Fariya, dhoti daura suruwal, bhangro, kumlo’ etc  and describes the ornamentations such as Chandrama,, Sun-phool, Dhungri, Cheptesun, Marwari, Godawari, Tuki, Naugedi, Tilahari etc

    Chapter 2 deals with Himalayan People, it mentions about people residing in this region, their head gears, ornaments such as amulets, kantha, Gajung, coral necklace and dress like Bhakkhu, pankat, dorma and dochha etc. 

    Chapter 3 mentions about the Terai region of Nepal, in the background it mentions of the different ethnic grups residing in this region with focus on the Tharus. Their ornaments such as Mahagiya, Humal, Vijayat, bakae etc and dresses such as Fargogi, Bbegwa, Ghagra, Choli etc

    Chapter 4 deals with the ethnic community of the valley the Newars, their  costumes worn more than 100 years ago as well as today, their ornamentations  in this very chapter it deals with the Living Goddess Kumari and her attire and ornamentations.

    Chapter 5 is about the Shamans of Nepal their attire and ornaments and 

    Chapter 6 is about the nomads of Nepal the ‘Rahutes’ the king of the jungle the only surviving ethnic group. It mentions about their attire and ornaments and lifestyle. There is also a section on the photo features of ethnic costumes and ornaments Past & Present. There is also end-notes, bibliography and finally glossary that clarifies the difficult terms.


    Dr. Poonam Rajya Laxmi Rana

    Dr Poonam Rajya Laxmi Rana is Associate Professor in the Dept of Nepalese History Culture & Archaeology. On February 24th 2014 (2070/11/12 ) PhD viva was completed on the topic Analytical study of Costumes and Ornaments in Nepalese Art from 3rd century  BC to 12th century AD. Master’s Thesis in Culture was “Religion, Culture & Change in the Nepali Society” She now holds Doctorate Degree in Nepalese History Culture Archaeology. She also holds Master’s Degree in Sociology (Gold Medallist) from Tribhuvan University, Master’s Degree in Environment & Ecology from Delhi.

    She holds Diploma in Fine Arts from Lalit Kala and has conducted two solo Art exhibitions and has participated in various art exhibitions. She has participated in numerous Seminars & International conferences. Her field of study is Religion, Ancient Polity, Cultural Anthropology and Himalayan Heritage. She has Presented papers in Malaysia, in India and has won Special scholarship of 6 weeks to Germany for her story related to German Nepal friendship. As a ‘Visiting Scholar ‘ in the month of Oct 2016 she visited China for 3 month to impart knowledge in Nepalese Culture & Conduct research.

    Again in 2017 September ‘As a VISITING RESEARCH SCHOLAR’ she is to visit YUNNAN province in China. She is Deputy General Secretary of Nepal Heritage Society and member of United Nation Women’s Organization and Active Women Organization. She has won scholarship to Deutschland for her story. She has been shortlisted candidate for her story by British council workshop twice. She is involved in teaching Mountaineers, trekking guides as well as enlightening Foreign Road Scholar groups on Nepali Culture.  She has presented papers related to culture, Ecology Environment, and social researches both nationally & internationally.  


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