A Picture Book of my Life (2 Volumes Set)

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Title:A Picture Book of my Life (2 Volumes Set)


Author:Gotz Hagmuller

Publisher:Vajra Publications

Publish Year:2017

Edition:First Edition

Cover:Paper Back

Subject:Architecture / Interior / Furniture


Remarks:Colour and B&W Illustrations.


Size:200 x 250 mm


Price:USD 42.00

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  • In this richly illustrated autobiography, Gotz Hagmuller tells the story of his life from the beginning on one of the first days of World War II.

    In Volume 1 He starts with his student designs at the vienna technical university, his early involvement in development aid projects, and in his first films, all the while including memories if the many people he already knew or metand cooperated with in various countries in the world. He won the second prize of an international competition for a new National Library in Teheran and finally started his major and long-lasting work in urban planning and the conservation of historical buildings in Nepal and expanded his experience with projects in India, laos, Cambodia and Bhutan.

    In Volume 2 Hagmuller concentrates his attention on the Austrian Aid projects in Nepal, the Patan Museum, the Garden of Dreams in Kathmandu, and the Ta Dzong Museum in Bhutan, together with his old Austrian friend and partner Thomas Schrom. All of them soon became selfsustaining and even profitable cultural projects, which found wide local and international acclaim for Austria's remarkable contribution to the preservation of the cultural heritage in several countries of Asia.

    Hagmuller also did the impressive reconstruction of Chyasilin Mandal, the "Eight Cornered Gift" - the most important historical building on Bhaktapur's main square that had been lost in previoys earthquakes/

    Finally, due credit is given to members of his large family, to many old friends and, last but not least, to Ludmilla Hungerhuber, his dear wife and most active life partner in all of these projects.

    Gotz Hagmuller

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