Mom, Puppy's Missing

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Title:Mom, Puppy's Missing



Editor:Nagendra Sharma
Rasmi Khagi

Publisher:BookArt Nepal

Publish Year:2017

Edition:First Edition

Cover:Paper Back

Subject:Children Books


Remarks:Beautiful Colour Illustrations.


Size:176 x 241 mm


Price:USD 1.47

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  • One day, Asha’s little puppy was missing on the road during their market-visit and Asha and mom were worried. What will happen to the doggy? You will find pleasure reading this story to find out if the pup is found at last. 

    This book is beautiful Nepali short story with colour illustrations and it is suitable for reading aloud to children of aged 3 to 5 and for self reading to those above the said age-group. 


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