Sane Learns to be Honest

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Title:Sane Learns to be Honest



Publisher:Educational Publishing House

Publish Year:2017

Edition:First Edition

Cover:Paper Back

Subject:Nepali Children Books


Remarks:Colour Illustrations by Samit Shrestha


Size:195 x 193 mm


Price:USD 1.47

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  • Sane is clever boy and learns new thing everyday. In this story, he learns the importance of being honest. Read to know how easy it is to be honest. 

    This story book focuses on pre-school children and children of lower classes. It aimed to pass on practical knowledge to children through story.
    This book is suitable for the children of 6-9 years to be read by themselves.
    For the smaller children it is suitable to read out to them by the teacher or guardian. 



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