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The Middle Country: The Traverse of Madhesh Through War, Colonization and Aid Dependent Racist State

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Title:The Middle Country: The Traverse of Madhesh Through War, Colonization and Aid Dependent Racist State


Author:Ram Manohar Sah

Publisher:Adroit Publishers

Publish Year:2017

Edition:First Edition

Cover:Hard Back

Subject:Politics | Nepal Politics | Nepal Culture and Custom


Remarks:Colour and B&W Illustrations, Acknowledgements, Appendix and Index.


Size:166 x 246 mm


Price:USD 19.55

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  • The book is about the land which lies between Nepal Valley and India, which is neither India politically nor Nepal culturally and structurally. The birth place of Buddha, Janak and Sita that showed light to world, is struggling for peace and existence. The Middle country, translates to Madhyadesh in Sanskrit, is the genesis of the Madhesh.

    Book starts with an attempt to define the keyword “Madhesh”using different sources; Buddhism Vinaya Pitaka, Alberuni, Hamilton and Brian Hodgson. Then, the book dive deep into the rich culture of plain, 1000 years of history, archeological heritages and local heroes. To set the book tone, author has collection of discrimination stories from different walks of life.

    Book review about 200 years, from King Prithivi Narayan Shah till end of Rana rule,in three chapters from Madhesi perspective; grouped under War and Colonization.

    Book has dedicated a chapter to understand, why there is acrimony between Hill and Plain since thousands of years? More importantly, the book explores, how foreign aid helped King Mahendra to fan the fire of racial hate between Hill and Plain people?

    A chapter is dedicated for strategic planners to explore bottleneck and possibilities using SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat) analysis tool. Book closes exploring, will Madhesh remain Yam between Three Boulders; Delhi, Beijing and Kathmandu?


    Ram Manohar Sah

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