Doorways to Awakening: A Guide to Self Realization

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Title:Doorways to Awakening: A Guide to Self Realization


Author:Edward Tarabilda
Orion Hawthorne

Publisher:New Age Books

Publish Year:2018

Edition:First Indian Edition

Cover:Paper Back

Subject:Spirituality / Spiritual


Remarks:B&W Illustrations.


Size:138 x 215 mm


Price:USD 5.00

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  • The primary purpose of this book is to enliven the desire for awakening, to light the fire and fan the flames. The most important things you can get from this book are: 

    An experience of the silent witness within and the understanding that this is your true, essential nature, an awareness of all of the spiritual paths to Self Realization and how you can continually advance or evolve, a fervent desire to awaken or deepen within one's awakening, an exploration of practical methods that may assist and hasten your awakening, or an even deeper level of awakening. 

    Of course, everything contributes to some extent. However, the elements of each of the generalized paths described in this book have been shown over time to have value in speeding things up. You must decide for yourself which path and which elements of that path contribute most at any given moment or period in your life. For this, no formula can be offered, other than to follow one's own inner guidance. Let the law of attraction be your guide. 

    Edward Tarabilda

    Doorways to Awakening was prepared by Orion Hawthorne in collaboration with Edward F. Tarabilda (deceased). Edward cognized the planetary archetypal energies which are the doorways to spiritual illumination. He left a substantial body of research and volumes of case studies on which this book is based.

    Orion Hawthorne

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