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The Story of Avlokitesvara Karunamaya ( Rato Matsyendranath)

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Title:The Story of Avlokitesvara Karunamaya ( Rato Matsyendranath)


Author:Artha Ratna Tuladhar

Publisher:Samartha Ratna Tuladhar

Publish Year:2019

Edition:First Edition

Cover:Paper Back

Subject:Religion | Nepal Culture and Custom


Remarks:Colour and B&W Photographs, Map, Epilogue and Terminology.


Size:147 x 213 mm


Price:USD 5.00

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  • The Chariot of Avalokitesvara Karunamay (Rato Matsyendranath)
    Following the 13 spiritual planes of ascendency, the main chariot of Karunamaya, contains thirteen tiers encompassing the 32 auspicious virtues symbolized by the 32 Ku (48 ft.) height of the chariot. On the top, a round artifact called the Bayenmo is placed as the symbol of the lotus flower. The four whells of the chariot is impregnated with the spirits of the four Bhairavas, namely, Hyagriva, Nandakunda, Harisiddhi and Luptasamhar, who carried the palanquin of the Lord from the land of the yakxays.

    The spirit of the Serpent King Karkotak is infused into the long pole called the Ghama in front of the chariot and that of Vighnantak Bhairava is placed under the chin of Karkotak. Two ropes called the Jangala are attached on two sides of the spire. The spirit of the Serpent King Basuki Naag is infused into the right Jangala and that of the Serpent King Shesh Naag into the let Jagala.

    Amitabha Buddha is seated onto the lotus-shaped Bayenmo. Vajrasattwo is placed atop on the spire. The spire top is adorned with the country's flag, the Buddhist Flag and Avalokitesvara's flag inscribed with the letter:
    "Om Mani Padme Hum"


    Artha Ratna Tuladhar

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