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Anthropology of Tibet and the Himalaya

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Title:Anthropology of Tibet and the Himalaya



Editor:Charles Ramble
Martin Brauen

Publisher:Vajra Publications

Publish Year:2008

Edition:Reprinted Edition

Cover:Paper Back

Subject:Anthropology/ Sociology | Tibet | Tibetan History


Remarks:B&W Photographs


Size:153 x 230 mm


Price:USD 20.40

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  • Proceeding of the International Seminar on the Anthropology of Tibet and Himalaya September 21 - 28, 1990 at the Ethnographic Museum of the University of Zurich.


    Michael alien 
    Hierarchy and complementarity in Newar eating arrangements 
    Barbara Nimri Aziz 
    Shakti Yogamaya: a tradition of dissent in Nepal 
    Marcia Calkowski
    Contesting hierarchy: on gambling as an authoritative resource in Tibetan refugee society 
    Krystyna Cech 
    The social and religious identity of the Tibetan bonpos 
    Dilli R. Dahal
    Anthropology of the Nepal Himalaya: a critical appraisal 
    Hildegard Diemberger 
    Gangla tshechu, beyul khenbalung: pilgrimage to hidden valleys, sacred mountains and
    springs of life water in southern Tibet and eastern Nepal
    The Tibetan plateau - one of the homes of early man 
    Nicola Grist
    Muslim kinship and marriage in Ladakh 
    Susanne Von Der Heide 
    From "British naturalism" to abstract modern painting in Nepal
    Reinhard Herdick 
    Remarks on the orientation of the large stupas in the Kathmandu valley: a discussion of principles of lunar ordering Hiroshi Ishii
    Agricultural labour recruitment among the newars and other groups in the sub-himalayan areas 
    Wolf Kahlen
    Thang-stong Rgyal-po - a Leonardo of Tibet 
    Samten G. Karmay
    The wind-horse and the well-being of man 
    Abbas Kazmithe 
    Ethnic groups of baltistan 
    Todd T. Lewis 
    Himalayan frontier trade: Newar diaspora merchants and buddhism and 
    Andrea Loseries
    Charnel ground traditions in Tibet: some remarks and observations
    Ma Lihua 
    Shamanic belief among nomads in northern Tibet
    Gregory G. Maskarinec 
    Flatter, promise, threaten, kill: a discursive analysis of shamanic mantar 
    Ernestine L. McHugh 
    Culture and the transformation of suffering among the gurungs of Nepal
    Gudrun Meier 
    Sammlungen der missionare der herrnhuter brudermission aus ladakh - inhalt und standorte 
    Beatrice Diamond Miller
    Is there Tibetan culture(s)without Buddhism? 
    Michael Muhlich
    Complementary and hierarchical aspects of brahman-chetri social structure 
    Rohit Kumar Nepali 
    Culturally appropriate development: an anthropological study of villages in eastern Nepal 
    Michael Oppitz 
    Bruce McCoy Owens 
    Blood and bodhisattvas: sacrifice among the newar buddhists of Nepal
    Joanna Ffaff-Czarnecka
    The nepalese durga puja festival or displaying military supremacy on ritual occasions 
    Charles Ramble 
    Rule by play in southern mustang 
    Hans Roth 
    The central Asian archive in bonn and the catalogue of the Tibetan and Mongolian culture
    Ursula Sagaster 
    Observations made during the month of muharram, 1989, in baltistan 
    Geoffrey Samuel 
    Shamanism, bon and Tibetan religion 
    Amelia Schenk 
    Inducing trance: on the training of ladakhi oracle healers 
    Christian Schicklgruber 
    Who marries whom and why among the khumbo 
    Klaus Seeland 
    Sanskritisation and environmental perception among Tibeto-burman Speaking groups
    Prayag R. Sharma 
    Caste societies in the state of Nepal: a historical perspective 
    Mark Trewin 
    Lha-Rnga: a form of Ladakhi folk, music and its relationship to the great tradition of Tibetan Buddhism 
    Rohit Vohra 
    Antiquities on the southern arteries of the silk route: ethnic movements and new discoveries 
    Peter Webster
    Some epistemological aspects of caste among the newars in the Kathmandu valley, Nepal 
    Eugen Wehrli
    Tibet research in china by Tibetans and Chinese after 1949
    Yang En-Hong 
    The forms of chanting Gesar and the bon religion in Tibet 



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