Krishnamurti:The Man And His Teaching

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Title:Krishnamurti:The Man And His Teaching


Author:Rene Fouere


Publisher:Chetana Bombay

Publish Year:1954


Cover:Hard Back

Subject:History | Biography



Size:123 x 186 mm


Price:USD 40.00

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  • Introduction

    The reader will be interested to know by what stages did krishnamurti attain the state from which he speaks with such absolute assurance.The best will be to refer him to Krishnamurti's own words,written as early as 1928, in his book Life in Freedom, where with unusual siplicity and directness he tells the story of hi search for truth:"I would show you how I have found the Beloved...I have long been in revolt from all things, from the authority of others, from the instructions of others, from the knowledge of other; I would not accept anything as Truth until i found the Truth myself.

    Rene Fouere

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