J. Krishnamurti and Mind in Revolution

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Title:J. Krishnamurti and Mind in Revolution


Author:Atmaram Dhondo Dhopeshwarkar


Publisher:Chetana Bombay

Publish Year:1976

Edition:Second Edition

Cover:Hard Back




Size:125 x 190 mm


Price:USD 15.00

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    Our descriptions and interpretations, with the help of our conceptual mind, suffer from partisanship because our minds are superficial and temporary.Unless the mind becomes 'unconditioned', unless it undergoes complete 'revolution', we cannot grasp spiritual teaching about Truth, Beauty and Love.In this book, the author equates unconditioned with perceptive mind, by bringing out the main features of that mind. The revolution therefore consists in our awareness that we possess a total or 'composite' mind-conceptual as well as perceptive and in our free acceptance of the superiority of the perceptive mind. The revolution is to be accomplished by constant awareness of all that is implied in our possession of the conditioned mind. The last appendix is to appeal to philosophers to extend the scope of their inquiry. 

    Atmaram Dhondo Dhopeshwarkar

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