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Talks By Krishnamurti in India 1959 (Verbatim Report):-New Delhi- Madras

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Title:Talks By Krishnamurti in India 1959 (Verbatim Report):-New Delhi- Madras



Editor:Krishnamurti writings

Publisher:Krishnamurti Writing Inc.

Publish Year:1959


Cover:Hard Back

Subject:Biography | J. Krishnamurti





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  • Talks By Krishnamurti in India 1959 (Verbatim Report):-New Delhi- Madras¬†

    May I suggest that we talk this evening about the mind in meditation, which is a most complex and subtle problem. If one does not know what meditation is, true meditation, I think one misses everything in life. It is like being in a prison where you see only the wall opposite you and know only the limitation, the pain, the sorrow, and all the petty little things that make up your life of confinement. So it seems to me that meditation is a very direct and intimate problem for each one of us because it requires the approach of a mind in meditation to understand the whole movement of life.
    But to share this investigation into the mind in meditation is quite a difficult problem in itself. Sharing implies interest, does it not, on the part of the people who are listening; it means observing and partaking in the thing we are talking about. If I say to you, ''Look at the flower, how beautiful it is!'' you can share the beauty of the flower only if your mind is at rest and therefore in a state of observation. To put it differently, your own mind must be capable of meeting the other mind on the same level at the same time; otherwise, there is no sharing of that experience. We cannot share something in which I am interested and you are not. I may point out, describe, explain, but there is no sharing unless you meet me on the same level of observation and with the same intensiveness, the same feelings of the heart.


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