Krishnamurti's Talks 1953:(Verbatim Report) London

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Title:Krishnamurti's Talks 1953:(Verbatim Report) London



Editor:Krishnamurti writings

Publisher:Krishnamurti Writing Inc.

Publish Year:1953


Cover:Hard Back

Subject:Biography | J. Krishnamurti



Size:145 x 223 mm


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  • Krishnamurti's Talks 1953:(Verbatim Report) London When Krishnamurti was in India after World War II many prominent personalities came to meet him, including Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. In his meetings with Nehru Krishnamurti elaborated at length on the teachings, saying in one instance, "Understanding of the self only arises in relationship, in watching yourself in relationship to people, ideas, and things; to trees, the earth, and the world around you and within you. Relationship is the mirror in which the self is revealed. Without self-knowledge there is no basis for right thought and action." Nehru asked, "How does one start?" to which Krishnamurti replied, "Begin where you are. Read every word, every phrase, every paragraph of the mind, as it operates through thought


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