Commentaries on living : From The Notebooks Of J.Krishnamurti

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Title:Commentaries on living : From The Notebooks Of J.Krishnamurti




Publisher:Victor Gollancz Ltd.

Publish Year:1961

Edition:Fifth Impression

Cover:Hard Back




Size:130 x 203 mm


Price:USD 75.00

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  • Aldous Huxley encouraged J.Krishnamurti to write these commentaries on life, which consist of a series of dialogues with ordinary human beings whom Krishnamurti met in different parts of the world. Set in India, Europe and America, against a wide variety of landscapes, the encounters recorded here are both intense and illuminating. In these dialogues, the way of the self are unravelled through Krishnamurti's probing intelligence. Krishnamurti helps to restore in us the ancient faith that human beings can make themselves whole - not through any external agent, or through faith, but by right attention and a listening ear. The 'Commentaries on Living' series represents an entirely new genre of writing - a blend of lyrical descriptions of nature, philosophical reflections and psychological insights, all informed by a deeply religious sensibility and couched in lucid, absorbing prose.


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