Krishnamurti's Talks in India 1953:(Verbatim Report) Poona and Bombay

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Title:Krishnamurti's Talks in India 1953:(Verbatim Report) Poona and Bombay



Editor:Krishnamurti writings

Publisher:Krishnamurti Writing Inc.

Publish Year:1953


Cover:Hard Back

Subject:Biography | J. Krishnamurti



Size:145 x 223 mm


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    Krishnamurti's Talks in India 1953:(Verbatim Report) Poona and  Bombay . The two men soon became close friends and started a common inquiry, in the form of personal dialogues–and occasionally in group discussions with other participants–that continued, periodically, over nearly two decades. Several of these discussions were published in the form of books or as parts of books, and introduced a wider audience (among scientists) to Krishnamurti's ideas. Although Krishnamurti's philosophy delved into fields as diverse as religious studies, education, psychology, physics, and consciousness studies, he was not then, nor since, well known in academic circles. Nevertheless, Krishnamurti met and held discussions with physicists Fritjof Capra and E. C. George Sudarshan, biologist Rupert Sheldrake, psychiatrist David Shainberg, as well as psychotherapists representing various theoretical orientations. The long friendship with Bohm went through a rocky interval in later years, and although they overcame their differences and remained friends until Krishnamurti's death, the relationship did not regain its previous intensity.


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