Talks By Krishnamurti in India 1959 (Verbatim Report): -New Delhi-Madras

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Title:Talks By Krishnamurti in India 1959 (Verbatim Report): -New Delhi-Madras



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Publish Year:1961


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Subject:Biography | J. Krishnamurti



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  • Talks By Krishnamurti in India 1959 (Verbatim Report): -New Delhi-Madras

    You know, there are two ways of looking at something. Either you look at it because you have been told to look, and what to look for; or you look because you want to find out, and you begin to discover. When you are hungry, you eat; you do not have to be told. But to be told that you should eat and to feel hungry are two quite different matters. So we must be very clear on this point. I am not telling you that you should look, or what to look for, but together we are going to look, and together we are going to discover. It will be a firsthand experience for both of us because neither is directing the other. I hope this is clear.

    This is a very complex problem, and to go into it one requires a mind that is able to look, to observe, to consider, without immediately saying, ''What I see pleases me, I like it,'' or, ''It does not please me, I don't like it.'' One requires a scientific mind, a mind that does not distort, that does not give color to what it sees. The important thing is to bring about a transformation in the very process of our thinking, in the very matrix, the very makeup of the mind. A revolution is necessary - not an economic or a sociological revolution, but a revolution in consciousness, at the very center of our being, and such a revolution can take place only if we understand this question of conflictConflict at any level of consciousness, superficial or deep down, is the factor of deterioration.


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