Talks By Krishnamurti in Europe 1963 (Verbatim Report):Saanen

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Title:Talks By Krishnamurti in Europe 1963 (Verbatim Report):Saanen



Editor:Krishnamurti writings

Publisher:Krishnamurti Writing Inc.

Publish Year:1963


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Subject:Biography | J. Krishnamurti



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  • Second Talk in Saanen, 1963

    I feel it is always rather difficult to communicate exactly what one wants to say. One has to use words. There are other forms of communication, but they are apt to be misleading and must be distrusted. Words, too, can be distorted; there are so many shades of meaning to each word, and when one is communicating something which is not purely objective, it demands a certain flexibility on the part of the listener, a certain subtlety of mind, a quality that the words themselves do not possess. Whatever the language that is being used, whether it is French, Italian, or English, it is always difficult, I think, to go beyond the words and really capture the significance of what the speaker wants to convey. It requires a great deal of determined consideration, a penetrative quality, an insight rather than mere argumentation, clever explanation, or subtle analysis.To me, the most important thing in life is to have a religious mind, because then everything else comes into right relationship - everything: jobs, health, marriage, sex, love - and the innumerable problems and travails of life are understood. The religious mind is not something that you can easily get at by reading a few books, by attending a series of talks, or by drilling yourself into a certain attitude. But I feel one must have such a mind, and perhaps during these talks we may come upon it - not deliberately, not through any form of cultivation, or by developing a certain capacity, but come upon it darkly, unexpectedly, unknowingly.


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