Divine Light

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Title:Divine Light


Author:Maharaj Charan Singh

Publisher:Radhasoami Satsang, Beas

Publish Year:1967

Edition:First Edition

Cover:Hard Back




Size:142 x 223 mm


Price:USD 75.00

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  • Divine Light deals with some of the important problems concerning human exhistance and suggests their solution in a simple, convincing manner. It covers a wide range of subjects: action and its endless chain of consequences; the sensory world of delusion; the spiritual world of reality; the nature and role of mind and matter, attachment and detachment, pain and pleasure; and above all, the way to liberation from the bondage of births and rebirths, through contact with Shabd (the Melody within) or what has been variously called Word, Logos, Kalma, and many other names...

    Maharaj Charan Singh

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