Talks and Dialogues: J. Krishnamurti

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Title:Talks and Dialogues: J. Krishnamurti


Author:Jiddu Krishnamurti


Publisher:Avon Books

Publish Year:1968


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  • For Krishnamurti, rational thought had its uses but also its limitations; what becomes more important is what he describes as 'total seeing'. To make this concept clear to people trained in the Western intellectual tradition of pure rationalism, he describes it in enlightening talks & then engages in spirited dialogs with listeners. The theme of the talks is freedom & the demand of the human spirit to reach beyound itself. The starting point in the 1st talk is the need to face life in its totality. Edited from the original tapes at Saanen.

    Jiddu Krishnamurti

    Jiddu Krishnamurti 12 May 1895 – 17 February 1986) was an Indian philosopher, speaker and writer. In his early life he was groomed to be the new World Teacher but later rejected this mantle and withdrew from the Theosophy organization behind it. His interests included psychological revolution, the nature of mind, meditation, inquiry, human relationships, and bringing about radical change in society. He stressed the need for a revolution in the psyche of every human being and emphasised that such revolution cannot be brought about by any external entity, be it religious, political, or social.
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