Jesus the Son of Man

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Title:Jesus the Son of Man


Author:Kahlil Gibran


Publisher:Alfred A. Knopf

Publish Year:1928


Cover:Hard Back

Subject:Poetry | Literature


Remarks:B&W Photograps.code and number written with red ink fadded mark on back.Library stamp mark on title page


Size:145 x 223 mm


Price:USD 150.00

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    The expression "the Son of man" occurs 81 times in the Greek text of the four Canonical gospels, and is used only in the sayings of Jesus. The singular Hebrew expression "son of man"  also appears in the Torah over a hundred times.

    The use of the definite article in "the Son of man" in the Koine Greek of the Christian gospels is original, and before its use there, no records of its use in any of the surviving Greek documents of antiquity exist. Geza Vermes has stated that the use of "the Son of man" in the Christian gospels is unrelated to Hebrew Torah usages.

    For centuries, the Christological perspective on Son of man has been seen as a possible counterpart to that of Son of God and just as Son of God affirms the divinity of Jesus, in a number of cases Son of man affirms his humanity. However, while the profession of Jesus as the Son of God has been an essential element of Christian creeds since the Apostolic age, such professions do not apply to Son of man and the proclamation of Jesus as the Son of man has never been an article of faith in Christianity.

    Kahlil Gibran

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