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Forbidden City

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Title:Forbidden City


Author:Muriel Molland Jernigan


Publisher:Crown Publishers

Publish Year:1900

Edition:First Edition

Cover:Hard Back



Remarks:B&W Illustrations.Fine .Dust jacket.The book is just fine.




Price:USD 212.50

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  • In the beginning of the book , Ling Ling-Fat fails to apprehend four ugly swordsmen who are trespassing in the Forbidden City. He does, however, manage to acquire a kung fu manual, Flying FairyTin1 ngoi6 fei1 sin1, lit. 'Outer Heaven Flying Fairy'), from one of them. During an imperial audience, Ling-ling Fat's seemingly useless inventions and lack of any martial arts skills enrage the Emperor, who demotes him to various menial tasks around the palace.

    Meanwhile, King Faceless of the Kam Tribe plans to assassinate the Emperor and overtake China. The Kam Tribe creates a diversion by inviting all the doctors of China to a medical exposition in which a Grey alien - a 'flying fairy' - is to be dissected. Ling Ling-Fat and the Emperor separately depart for the event. While Ling-ling Fat and his wife feast at a string of restaurants, Kam's men kill the Emperor's three remaining bodyguards. The assassins put the unconscious Emperor in an alien costume to present him as the alien for dissection. Just as Ling Ling-Fat and the other doctors discover the Emperor's identity, Kam's assassins begin to slaughter everyone in attendance. Ling Ling-Fat uses his wits and inventions to defeat the assassins.

    Muriel Molland Jernigan

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