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Hindu Fasts and Festivals

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Title:Hindu Fasts and Festivals


Author:Swami Sivananda


Publisher:The Divine Life Society

Publish Year:1997

Edition:First Edition

Cover:Paper Back



Remarks:B&W Photographs.Biography. No dust jacket




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  • Book description:the hindus are a profoundly religious people their goal of life is self-realisation or the attainment of god-consciousness in this book gurudev has explained the significance and the philosophy of many of our fasts and festivals in two aspects of these observances, he has always allowed the greatest freedom in the determination of the dates of the festival, which, as he has explained on page 53, vary, and  in the traditional ways of celebrating them for instance, in south india during the durga puja they have the kolu when various idols and toys are arranged in colourful gallaries before which, every evening, girls sit and sing again, in some places there is fire-walking without the kavadi (see page 109), held in honour of draupadi amman who was born of fire; or in ceylon, according to yogi satchidananda of ceylon, in honour of kannaki amman gurudev never disturbs anyones good beliefs and customs about author:sri swami sivanandaji maharaj was a healer of the body in his purvashram (before he entered the holy order of sannyasa) he was a born healer, with an extraordinary inborn love to serve humanity; that is why he chose the medical profession as a career that is why he edited and published a health journal ambrosia that is why he went over to malaya to serve the poor in the plantations there and, strangely enough, that is why, he renounced the world and embraced the holy order of sannyasa sri swamiji wanted that all systems of healing should flourish he had equal love and admiration for all systems of healing he wanted that the best of all the systems should be brought out and utilised in the service of man he has written a number of books on all aspects of healing-from the naturopathic and allopathic points of view


    Swami Sivananda

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