Tribal Ethnography of Nepal: Volume I & II

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Title:Tribal Ethnography of Nepal: Volume I & II


Author:Dr. Rajesh Gautam
Asoke K. Thapa Magar

Publisher:Book Faith India

Publish Year:1994

Edition:First Edition

Cover:Hard Back

Subject:Anthropology/ Sociology




Size:160 x 236 x 24 mm


Price:USD 22.59

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  • This set is an ethnographic study that has resulted from the extensive travel, research and interaction of the writer duo with the tribal inhabitants scattered all over Nepal. This book is based on the keen observations and personal interviews and it gives firsthand information on the cultural, social and ritual aspects of the tribal life. It records the various customs, practices and social norms of the people who take pride in their convictions, even in the face of their miserable status and almost primitive lifestyle. This book is an outcome the authors sincere to record whatever they could salvage from the deteriorating tribal landscape and thus preserve for posterity the diverse yet obscure culture of tribal Nepal. While providing the matter of fact information on the different tribes the authors have not lost sight of the changing of the ethnic mosaic towards a more personalized pattern and in the process annihilating the precariously balanced simple cultures.

    Dr. Rajesh Gautam

    Asoke K. Thapa Magar

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