Third Eye And Kundalini

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Title:Third Eye And Kundalini


Author:B.S. Goel

Publisher:Third Eye Foundation of India

Publish Year:1989

Edition:Second Reprint Edition

Cover:Hard Back With Dust Jacket



Remarks:B&W Illustrations. Dust jacket. The book is just fine.


Size:160 x 242 mm


Price:USD 50.00

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  • The present volume includes certain essays which were written on the basis of numerous insights which the author gained during the process of long years of psyco- analysis and meditation, but before he was blessed with the vision of the Lord. Only the last five essays included in this volume are such as were written after the experiences of Third eye and Kundalini were granted to the author by Lord Shri Satya Sai Baabaa.

    B.S. Goel

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