Traditional Reiki For Our Times

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Title:Traditional Reiki For Our Times


Author:Amy Z. Rowland

Publisher:Healing Arts Press

Publish Year:1998


Cover:Paper Back

Subject:Reiki/ Massage/ Childcare/ Pregnancy | Medicine


Remarks:B&W Illustrations. No dust Jacket. The book is just fine.


Size:205 x 255 mm


Price:USD 21.76

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  •  A comprehensive training manual for the introductory levels of this popular healing therapy.
    • Takes the reader step-by-step through traditional Reiki level I and II classes, with comprehensive instruction in the basic hand positions.
    • Includes photographs and medical illustrations.
    • Discusses Reiki's origin and purpose, the attunement process, and the many scenarios in which Reiki can provide appropriate healing support.
    Reiki, a touch therapy used to recharge and rebalance the body's energy, is quickly joining other complementary therapies like acupuncture and massage in such conventional settings as hospitals, hospices, and psychotherapy practice. An ancient hands-on healing art with origins in the Tibetan sutras, Reiki is a means for both active self-care and administering to others. 
    This comprehensive book takes the reader step by step through traditional Reiki level I and II classes, discussing Reiki's origins and purpose, describing the attunement process by which a student is imbued with the power to channel life-force energy, and illustrating the many scenarios in which Reiki is an appropriate support for healing. Comprehensive instruction in the basic hand positions and extra positions used in administering Reiki are accompanied by photographs and medical illustrations. Considerations for establishing a professional practice and opportunities for further learning in both traditional Reiki (level III) and nontraditional schools complete the discussion, making this the first book to serve as both an extensive training manual for students and compelling reading for those considering taking a Reiki class.

    Amy Z. Rowland

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