Sri Saundarya Lahari:The Descent

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Title:Sri Saundarya Lahari:The Descent


Author:Swami satyasangananda Saraswati


Publisher:Yoga Publications Trust

Publish Year:2008


Cover:Paper Back

Subject:Philosophy | Yoga



Size:130 x 213 mm


Price:USD 15.00

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  • This masterful commentary on Saundarya Lahari reveals Shakta Tantra for every level of aspirant.The original Sanskrit text by Adi Sankaracharya has been translated and explained in a lucid and eloquent style,which brings the reader into the living presence of the Goddess.The 103 mantras of the text are presented here as meditations and visualisations of Sri Devi,the root matrix of creation,depicting her divine from as a path of highest sadhana and realization.The text deals with the essence of tantric philosophy and sadhana,elucidating the esoteric traditions of Sri Vidya,the Dasa Mahavidya,kulakundalini,chakras and tattwas,and their usage to bridge the gap between the outer and inner experience. Sri Soundarya Lahari,the Descent,an exposition of the feminine divine,is substantiated and enhanced by the personal experience and in-depth study of the author.

    Swami satyasangananda Saraswati

    Swami Satyasangananda Saraswati (Satsangi) was born 24th March 1953, in Chandorenagore, West Bengal. From the age of 22 she experienced a series of inner awakenings which led her to er guru, Swami Satyananda. From 1981 she travelled ceaselessly with her guru in India and overseas and developed into a Scholar with deep insight into the yogic and tantric traditions as well as modern sciences and philosophies. She is an efficient channel for the transmission of her guru's teachings. The establishment of Sivananda math in rikhia is her creation and mission, and underprivileged areas. She embodies compassion with clear reason and is the foundation of her guru's vision.
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