Yoga: Harmony of Body Mind and Soul (Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Yogic Postures)

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Title:Yoga: Harmony of Body Mind and Soul (Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Yogic Postures)


Author:Chandrasekhar G. Thakkur


Publisher:Ancient Wisdom Publication

Publish Year:1977


Cover:Paper Back




Size:130 x 210 mm


Price:USD 19.00

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  •  From his early youth, he was attracted by Yogis and by the simplicity and purity of their lives. While at college he spent his spare time reading books on Yoga. His first guru was his mathematics teacher, an eminent man, highly versed in the knowledge of Yoga. Sri Ananda has traveled all over India to find spiritual teachers and sages, such as Ramana Maharshi, Swami Ramdas, Sri Aurobindo, Ma Anandamoyi and others. He has spent a great deal of time with them and learnt much from their enlightened teachings. He then came into contact with Swami Kuvalayananda, a medical doctor and founder of the famous institute of Yoga Research, Lonavla, India. Under his guidance he carried out research into the therapeutic aspects of Hatha-Yoga.
    For many years now Sri Ananda is running the Indian Yoga Centre in Paris. He had published two excellent books on Yoga in French, which have gone into several editions, and is the co-author of highly acclaimed Yoga.

    Chandrasekhar G. Thakkur

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