Homeopathy for Common Ailments

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Title:Homeopathy for Common Ailments


Author:Robin Hyafield


Publisher:Gaia Books

Publish Year:1998


Cover:Paper Back



Photographer:Philip Dowell


Size:180 x 245 mm


Price:USD 8.00

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  • From apples to witch hazel, Homeopathy For Common Ailmentsintroduces a natural, practical guide to using readily available plants and foods to treat common ailments. Garlic for infections; lemon and honey for coughs; flax and licorice for a laxative; -- the kitchen cupboards and gardens are full of potent, inexpensive remedies for many common aches, hurts, upsets and chronic disorders. This book is an up-to-date guide based on centuries of traditional, proven medicine combined with current scientific knowledge, and gives easy-to-follow treatments and cures using over fifty different herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables and "bathroom cabinet" ingredients. A useful self-help personal and/or family medical companion. 

    Robin Hyafield

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