Tantrayana Art : An Album

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Title:Tantrayana Art : An Album


Author:S.K. Saraswati


Publisher:The Asiatic Society

Publish Year:1977


Cover:Hard Back



Photographer:Shri Kunal Kumar Ray


Size:280 x 215 mm


Price:USD 40.00

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  • This Album is a sequel to the study of Origin and Evolution of Tantrayana Art which the Asiatic Society undertook under the UNESCO project on the study of Buddhist Arts and Architecture.
    The Album is divided into two sections - Text and Illustrations. The Text consists of an 'Introduction' and 'Descriptive Notes on Illustrations'. The Introduction discusses, in brief, the meaning and scope of Tantrayana art, the manner and method of work, the materials covered, etc. the Illustrations have been arranged, as far as practicable, subject-wise, i.e., iconography. The descriptive notes on illustrations, following this scheme, take due and proper notice of the concept underlying a particular iconographic theme or a particular iconic form.
    There are 273 illustrations of which 71 are in colour. In a section of material for this purpose endeavour has been made to include all important and significant types.
    The Album, together with notes and illustrations, is primarily a book on iconography in which it has been possible to extend the existing knowledge in not an insignificant manner.

    S.K. Saraswati

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