Unlock Your Psychic Powers: Mastering One's Psychic Potential

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Title:Unlock Your Psychic Powers: Mastering One's Psychic Potential


Author:Dr. Richard Lawrence

Publisher:St. Martin's Press

Publish Year:1993


Cover:Paper Back



Remarks:B&W Illustrations, no dust jacket and the book is just fine.


Size:150 x 172 mm


Price:USD 3.00

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  • We are all born with psychic powers, but few of us learn how to control them or make them work for us. Now, renowned psychic Richard Lawrence has written a wonderfully readable and wise guide that teaches you how to harness your psychic abilities. In Unlock Your Psychic Powers, you'll discover:
    -How the I Ching, tarot cards, numerology or a crystal ball can help you tap into your special psychic talents
    -What breathing exercises can do for your psychic energy, sexual energy, and extra-sensory perception
    -How to see auras (including your own) and what they will reveal to you
    -What you can learn about life after death, and how to contact "the other side"
    -What mysteries can be unlocked by your dreams
    -What you need to know about channeling, spirit guides, ghosts, and poltergeists
    -Which practices are safe-and which ones should NEVER be attempted
    Unlock the way to your inner self with the most comprehensive and wide-ranging guide to psychic techniques.

    Dr. Richard Lawrence

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