The Essentials Of Biblical Hebrew

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Title:The Essentials Of Biblical Hebrew


Author:Kyle M. Yates

Editor:John Joseph Owens

Publisher:Harper and Row Publishers

Publish Year:2005

Edition:Reprinted Edition

Cover:Hard Back With Dust Jacket



Remarks:B&W Illustrations, Dust jacket and the book is just fine.


Size:145 x 215 mm


Price:USD 24.00

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  • Professor J. J. Owens qualifies as one competent to prepare and introductory grammar for Biblical Hebrew. He knows the Hebrew language, its grammar and syntax. In this revision of the Essential Of Biblical Hebrew, Professor Owens reduces the toil and lost motion of the student to an absolute minimum while making it possible for the student to acquire sufficient mastery of the language to be able to read and interpret the Hebrew Old Testament. This volume will not only serve as an introduction for the beginner but also as a solid foundation for those who will carry on their studies in order to master the language of the prophets.

    Kyle M. Yates

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