The All-Embracing Net of Views

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Title:The All-Embracing Net of Views



Editor:Bhikkhu Bodhi

Publisher:Buddhist Publication Society

Publish Year:1978


Cover:Hard Back




Size:140 x 215 mm


Price:USD 48.00

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  • The All-Embracing Net of Views (The Brahmajala Sutta), one of the Buddha's most important and profound discourses, weaves a net of sixty-two cases capturing all the speculative views on the self and the world.This book contains an accurate and readable translation of this discourse, as well as of its massive commentary and the subcommentary, allowing for a close in-depth study of the work. It also contains translations of three commentarial treatises that throw valuable sidelights on rarely known aspects of Theravada Buddhism. The long introduction by Bhkkhu Bodhi is itself a modern philosophical commentary on the sutta. It elucidates the key points of the discourse and explains the place f the Brahmajala in the overall structure of Buddhist thought. The Brhamajala is more than merely the first item in a collection of discourses. It is the gateway to the entire Teaching of the Buddha itself. Its central message must be grasped to ensure a correct understanding of the Teaching.

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