The Path to Tranquility: Daily Meditations by the Dalai Lama

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Title:The Path to Tranquility: Daily Meditations by the Dalai Lama


Author:Dalai Lama

Editor:Renuka Singh

Publisher:The Viking Press

Publish Year:1998


Cover:Hard Back




Size:135 x 210 mm


Price:USD 15.00

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  •  The Dalai Lama serves as a living symbol of holiness and selfless triumph over tribulation for people of all religious traditions-as well as those with no religious affiliation at all. This collection of daily quotations drawn from His Holiness's own writings, teachings, and interviews offers words of guidance, compassion, and peace that are as down to earth as they are rich in spirit. Suffused with endearing informality, warmth, and practicality, they cover almost every aspect of human life, secular and religious--from loneliness, suffering, anger, and everyday insecurities to happiness, intimacy, and responsibility to others. With a special foreword by His Holiness on the power of meditation and personal responsibility, The Path to Tranquility is a fresh and accessible spiritual treasure to return to day after day, year after year.

    Dalai Lama

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