Buddha in Gandhara Art and Other Buddhist Sites

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Title:Buddha in Gandhara Art and Other Buddhist Sites


Author:Shanti Lal Nagar


Publisher:Buddhist World Press

Publish Year:210


Cover:Hard Back

Subject:Buddhism | Coffee Table Books


Remarks:B&W Illustrations.


Size:205 x 280 mm


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  • The Genesis of the Buddhist art in India, is traceable in the stone art of Bharhut dating back to the second century B. C. followed by the art of the Buddhist stupa at Sanchi (1st century B. C.) the Art of Mathura and Amaravati dating back to a century or two later. Numerous stone artefacts relating to the life of the Buddha were discovered from these sites. The early tradition of the Buddhist art and Bharhut and Sanchi does not project Buddha in human form. He is projected at these sites in symbolic form of empty 
    throne, a chariot with a rider, a Bodhi tree or a horse without a rider. This was ostensibly done by the followers of the Buddha, out of the great reverence and respect, they had for the master. 
    The Gandhara region includes parts of North-West frontier province, Punjab, Afghanistan and Swat Valley of Pakistan. The Buddha, however, started appearing in human form in Gandhara Art, which starts from the 2nd-3rd century A. D. Onwards. The Projection of Buddha here at Gandhara, in human form, is so wide spread, as if it had been started with a vengeance. In early Buddhist sites on Bharhut, Sanchi,.Mathura, Amaravati and Nagarjunakonda, the Buddhist Art was executed in the hard stone. But in Gandhara the religious art was not restricted to the stone sculptures alone but Its exceIIence was projected in terracotta and stucco at Taxile, the Cave at Bamiyan, In Afghanistan and other sites, where two standing images of' the Buddha were found, one of which is the tallest in the world with a height of 177 feet. 

    Shanti Lal Nagar

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