An Illustrated Manual Of The Tibetan Epic Gesar

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Title:An Illustrated Manual Of The Tibetan Epic Gesar


Author:Jambian Gyamco
Zhou Aiming


Publisher:China Pictorial Publishing House

Publish Year:2003


Cover:Hard Back

Subject:Tibet | Arts


Remarks:Color and B&W Illustrations.


Size:210 x 275 mm


Price:USD 127.50

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  • A crystallization of the wisdom of the Tibetan people, Gestar features a long history, numerous chapters, profound cultural insights, and interesting and colorful stories. Over thousands of years, it has been widely spread among the Tibetan people, enjoying great popularity. Representing the greatest accomplishment of Tibetan folk culture, it is regarded as an encyclopedia of the history and society of the Tibetan ethnic group. Its academic and aesthetic value has been highly recognized. International academic circles have praised it as ""Homers Epic of the Orient."" Gesar is a great contribution the Chinese nation has made to human civilization, and just as Homers epics, it is a bright pearl in the treasure house of world culture as well as a valuable cultural heritage of the world

    Jambian Gyamco

    Zhou Aiming

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