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Understanding Your Child Through Astrology

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Title:Understanding Your Child Through Astrology


Author:John J. Loeper


Publisher:David Mckay Company Inc

Publish Year:1970


Cover:Hard Back



Remarks:B&W Illustrations.


Size:135 x 210 mm


Price:USD 16.15

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  • Does your child present problems you can't handle? Have you tried cajolery, threats, promises, punishments, lectures, logic, righteous indignation, and sympathy and given up in despair?
    Now a new tool is at hand that may prove a lifesaver to concerned parents--astrology.
    John J. Loeper, a noted educator and school administrator, has been using it for some time to help get to know children better and deal more effectively with them. Principal of a large elementary school, he scoffed at astrology until a few years ago. But after some revealing experiences led him to view it more seriously as one of the useful tools in explaining human behavior, he began to study it, and, finally, to use it as an aid to deeper understanding of himself, his family--and his teaching staff and students.
    Understanding Your Child Through Astrology will convince even confirmed astrological doubters. Dr. Loeper goes through each sign, thoroughly detailing exactly how tu se your knowledge to get quick and dramatic results, and to plan more wisely and successfully for your child's happiness and future in school and even in his career. Is your child a Leo? Proud, self-assured, and hard to discipline? Try ignoring him and watch him become docile and well-behaved. Does your daughter become unaccountably moody? Is she extremely sensitive and fearful of criticism? Most likely she's a Cancer, whose sign is ruled by the moon, and is as changeable. Is your son a Taurus: Then his need for firmness and consistency indicate that he will be happiest at a highly regimented educational institution.
    This book offers invaluable advice to all parents who want to turn their child's potential into concrete achievement and real emotional actualization. It should be read by teachers, guidance counselors, child psychologists--anyone who is interested in a truly modern approach to the unseen forces that shape the mind, the inclinations, and the imagination of a child.

    John J. Loeper

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