Bodhi- Rasmi

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Title:Bodhi- Rasmi


Author:Mahesh Tiwary


Publisher:Buddhist Publication Society

Publish Year:1984


Cover:Paper Back



Remarks:B&W Illustrations.


Size:210 x 270 mm


Price:USD 159.00

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  • Once upon a time in ancient India, a prince was born. His name was Siddhartha, and one day he would inherit a powerful kingdom. His father tried to protect him from the suffering and hardship beyond the palace walls, but just like children everywhere, the prince longed to see the world.

    Under the Bodhi Tree is the story of a boy and his journey for understanding that eventually led him to the path of peace. Told in lyrical language, this excellent introduction to the story of the Buddha is beautifully illustrated and perfect for children who are curious about the real people who made history

    Mahesh Tiwary

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