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Zen Wisdom : Knowing and Doing

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Title:Zen Wisdom : Knowing and Doing


Christopher Marano


Publisher:Dharma Publishing

Publish Year:1993


Cover:Paper Back



Remarks:B&W Illustrations.


Size:125 x 225 mm


Price:USD 16.15

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  • Master Sheng-yen combines wisdom gained from years of study and practice with knowledge of the contemporary world to show how Chan and Buddha’s teachings are still relevant today. Beginners, as well as those already on the path, will find clear and useful guidance as the revered teacher answers questions from his students on the simple yet elusive principles of Chan (Zen) practice.

    Zen, in Chinese, is Ch'an. In Zen Wisdom, renowned Ch'an Master Sheng-yen, speaks to his students' questions about Practice, Philosophy and Doctrine, and Social Issues. He guides them through the difficult waters of contradiction. "Ch'an masters acknowledge intelligence and learning." he says. But, "the enlightened state that Ch'an speaks of is beyond thinking, words and symbols. It cannot be described and it cannot be understood through deductive reasong... Ch'an masters teach their students to leave behind all concepts, so they might experience enlightenment for themselves." "Ironically, enlightened beings use reasoning, intelligence and language to help others practice. To communicate the benefits of Ch'an, they use tools based on knowledge and experience." "Intelligence before enlightenment id intelligence with attachment. Wisdom is intelligence without attachment." --- from book's back cover


    Christopher Marano

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