Yoga Exercises: For Health And Happiness

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Title:Yoga Exercises: For Health And Happiness


Author:Swami Jyotir Maya Nanda

Publisher:Yoga Publications Trust

Publish Year:2009

Edition:Reprinted Edition

Cover:Paper Back



Remarks:B&W Illustrations, No dust jacket and the book is just fine.


Size:135 x 212 mm


Price:USD 17.00

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  • Hatha Yoga is an ancient system of psycho-physical exercises developed by the ancient Yogis of India for the purpose of achieving optimal levels of physical and mental well-being. Modern medical science has corroborated this wisdom of the Eastern masters by proving that the regular practice of Hatha Yoga, which includes Asanas (physical poses) and Pranayamas (breathing exercises), has tremendous health benefits not limited to reducing stress and anxiety and promoting deep relaxation. In this book, Swami Jyotirmayananda presents a wide variety of these practices with comprehensive instructions and lucid explanations for proper execution.

    Swami Jyotir Maya Nanda

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