Yoga Therapy

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Title:Yoga Therapy



Editor:Dr.Jayadeva Yogendra

Publisher:The Yoga Institute

Publish Year:1995

Edition:Third edition

Cover:Paper Back



Remarks:B&W Illsutrations, No dust jacket and the book is just fine.


Size:136 x 214 mm


Price:USD 5.00

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  • Although the Yoga Institute has published separate books on Asthma, Diabetes, Bronchitis and Heart Disease, there was a demand from readers, that each of these three books should be combined in one single volume, for easy reference. This particular book is the result of camps held at different interval of time. In order to determine the benefits resulting from yoga education, detailed tests were carried out and the result have been presented. Prevention is better than cure and it is hoped that many will engage in Yogabhyas and yoga practices from early age, so as to prevent suffering associated with these three complaints. Such complaints are one the increase in view of the harmful life style adopted. There is also neglect in consumption of Satvic Food and good relaxation, a balanced state of mind. Well adjusted emotions can save the modern man from a life full of stress and strain. 


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