Four Lamas Of Dolpo: Tibetan Biographies

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Title:Four Lamas Of Dolpo: Tibetan Biographies


Author:David L. Snellgrove

Publisher:Himalayan Book Seller

Publish Year:1992

Edition:Second Edition

Cover:Paper Back

Subject:Tibetan History


Remarks:B&W Illustrations, No dust Jacket and the book is just fine.


Size:160 x 235 mm


Price:USD 8.00

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  • A truly fascinating account of the doings of four lamas from the Dolpo region of Nepal, an area still seeped in traditional Tibetan culture. The author, a professional historian, manages a page turning style of writing, with all the freshness and discovery of a traveler. And yet he also maintains careful accuracy, using original autobiographies and biographies to explore the interlinked lives of four great Buddhist practitioners who routinely used dream and meditative states to assist the lives of the villagers who came to them for help.

    David L. Snellgrove

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