Prescription For Nutritional Healing

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Title:Prescription For Nutritional Healing


Author:James F. Balch

Publisher:Avery Publishing House

Publish Year:1997

Edition:Second Edition

Cover:Hard Back

Subject:Medicine | Healing


Remarks:B&W Illustrations.


Size:220 x 283 mm


Price:USD 19.00

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  • Here is the expanded second edition of America's best-selling guide to nutritional, herbal, and complementary therapies. With nearly two million copies of the first edition in print, this new edition carries on the tradition of providing drug-free remedies for over three hundred ailments and disorders adding fifty additional health problems to its cover age. The new edition incorporates the most important up- to-date findings in the field of nutrition from chromium picolinate to melatonin to shark cartilage.

    James F. Balch

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