The Image of the Buddha

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Title:The Image of the Buddha



Editor:David L. Snellgrove

Publisher:Kodansha International/UNESCO

Publish Year:1978

Edition:First Edition

Cover:Hard Back



Remarks:Colour and B&W Photographs, Maps, Glossary, Chronology, Bibliography and Index.


Size:225 x 305 mm


Price:USD 200.00

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  • Compiled over a period of five years under the auspices of Unesco, this monumental work traces the many forms in which the ideal of Buddhahood has found expression over some 2,500 years in the major Buddhist countries of Asia.

    Its clarity of organization, arranged according to chronological periods and geographical areas, allows the reader to follow the gradual evolution of Buddhist iconography as well as to recognize the characteristic features of Buddhist statuary and paintings in each Asian country. The text is, moreover, complemented by a wealth of illustrative materials, consisting of over 350 black and white and colour plates, figures and maps.

    Since a background of Buddhist concepts and their evolution is desirable for a deeper appreciation of the art, each chapter is helpfully prefaced by an essay on the development of Buddhist thought in the respective period and locale. To summarize the contents, the first chapter introduces the earliest concepts of the Buddha and the first aniconic representations of him; the second traces the development of the various representations of the Buddha in human form. In the third chapter, the flowering of Buddhist art throughout the Indian continent is discussed in detail. Chapters four and five deal w th the appearance of the Buddha image in the rest of Asia-Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand,Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Champa, Nepal, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Central Asia, China, Korea and Japan and the final chapter is an examination of the constant symbolic representations of the Buddha throughout Asia.

    The panel of internationally famous contributors has been coordinated under the general editorship of David L. Snell-grove, Fellow of the British Academy and Professor of Tibetan at the University of London. The most comprehensive work of its kind to appear to date, this volume will have immense appeal both for the specialist and the reader who wishes to appreciate the artistic heights of the major civilizations of


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