Kaccayana Pali Grammar (2 Volume Set)

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Title:Kaccayana Pali Grammar (2 Volume Set)


Author:A. Thitzana

Publisher:Motilal Banarsidass Publishers

Publish Year:2019

Edition:First Edition

Cover:Hard Back




Size:145 x 220 mm


Price:USD 23.80

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  • Pali is an ancient Indo-Aryan language that was spoken by the historical Buddha and it is considered to be the sacred language of Buddhism. This handbook has prepared the complete ancient grammatical text of a language that has been used for centuries into a format that is accessible to contemporary readers. The Roman and Devanagari scripts are used for the main body of the text with its Sutta (short grammatical rules) also shown in Thai, Sinhalese, and Myanmar scripts. Thus, it will not only provide invaluable insight into the structure of an ancient grammar and its unique contents, but will also further make the study of Pali accessible to students from various language backgrounds. Also included are details of a system of how verbs are formed and a brief study guide in the introduction of the book.

    A. Thitzana

    A. Thitzana is a Buddhist monk who has studied both Pali and Buddhist texts over a period of more than thirty years. He has written two books in Burmese on the study of Pali grammar which have received the top Buddhist literary awards in Myanmar. He lives in Burma.

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